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The Integrity Behind Gunite

Sadly, not all gunite structures are created equal. With the structural integrity of the pool dependent on the gunite, we have chosen to go above and beyond the standard. In fact, at South Shore Gunite (SSG) we believe that gunite is so important, that we made it part of our name. As a gunite pool builder, our investment into gunite equipment totals well into the millions to ensure that your gunite pool shell is the best on the market.

Responsibility of a gunite pool builder

The very complex installation process takes a lot of experience with the proper technique to nozzle the material correctly. In addition to equipment, we are one of the only swimming pool companies in New England to have certified nozzlemen supervising our operation. Nozzlemen education is paramount to the proper placement of concrete and, at SSG, in our organization.

In pool construction, it is crucial to start with the most important item first. Since gunite is a form of concrete, we all know good concrete can last for hundreds of years when placed properly. Therefore, a properly placed, quality controlled and expertly finished gunite shell can last well over a lifetime.

A strong warranty behind strong gunite

Unfortunately, even poor gunite shells can still withstand years of use. With our confidence in the sustainability and quality of our product, we made it our mission to go one step further. That is why we launched our “Structure Lifetime Transferable Warranty” promise.

In this promise, SSG guarantees that the structure will remain structurally sound for the lifetime of the pool. By “structurally sound,” we imply the pool/spa is capable of containing and holding water. In the event of a failure to do so, SSG will repair the structure to hold water.

The term “transferable” refers to the changing of homeowners. SSG intends to eliminate the concerns of new homeowners by extending our warranty to cover the new homeowner. For example, if you were to purchase a home/pool from an SSG customer, their contractual structure warranty is now yours.


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