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6 Reminders for National Drowning Prevention Month

The month of May is recognized across the nation as National Drowning Prevention Month due to its timely weather forecasts. Most notably focusing on Memorial day, many pool owners take the first dip into their backyard paradise toward the later half of this month. Pools offer a refreshing and convenient way to enjoy the few warm months that New England has to offer. A pool requires not only proper maintenance attention but also a cautionary responsibility.

Drowning ranks fifth among in the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States. The risk of drowning is an urgent consideration that can be mitigated with thoughtful consideration. SSG has compiled this quick list of tips to serve as guidelines for you to have the safest and best summer possible.

1. Install a secure fence

Many towns mandate that a fence be installed prior to a newly finished pool being filled with water. The purpose of a surrounding fence is to protect both children and animals from falling into the pool. An added compliment that a fence provides in an element of privacy.

2. Always supervise children

Supervision is critical regardless of a child’s swimming capability. Accidents can happen at anytime and the only way to ensure safety is to maintain full surveillance 100% of the time.

3. Never swim alone

Swimming alone is a common mistake. A variety of symptoms such as fatigue and cramping can plague even the best of swimmers. We recommend the buddy system even for adults.

4. Attend/provide swim lessons

The health benefits of swimming lessons are numerous. From an increase in stamina to improved flexibility and strength, swimming lessons do far more than boost an individuals ability to swim.

5. Consider an alarm/safety cover for your pool

In some areas barrier alarms are not only recommended but also are legislative command. Either way, installing sensors or automatic safety covers can certify that no one is going to take an unpleasant splash into you pool. Some covers have helped save homeowners up to 70% on operating costs as they reduce heat loss, cleaning needs and chemical usage.

6. Install a pool camera

In this day and age, it’s ordinary for homeowners to purchase a surveillance camera to monitor their property. Most cameras can be connected to apps in order to detect motion and deliver reports when the homeowner is miles away from their residence or simply retrieving something inside the house.


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