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The Advantages of an Automatic Pool Cover

South Shore Gunite offers innovative, high quality, low maintenance, and extremely reliable pool covers that will help keep your children, your neighbors’ children and your pets all safe from the potential risks associated during the swim season and throughout the winter or off-season.

The options include Cover Pools automatic pool covers for summer, and Meyco safety pool covers for winter. The primary function of our cover systems is safety, but there are many other features, including:

  • Increase the temperature of the water by 6 to 10 degrees
  • Filter operation will be 30-60% less – saving you on electrical costs
  • Chemical use will decrease by 50% – practically eliminate water evaporation
  • Overall your pool will stay cleaner and increase your enjoyment
  • Unique Electric motor is fully submersible
  • Quick and easy to open – it takes 30 seconds on average
  • Cover Pump Included with automatic covers
  • Saves money on chemicals, energy, and water loss due to evaporation
  • Built in Clutch to gently stop the cover at end of travel
  • Stone lid or standard aluminum lid options


  • Our 100% Gunite vaults have built in drains to evacuate water from the cover vault housing.


  • No electric is accessible near the pool for greater safety. All pool cover electric power and switches are remote at the equipment pad, also means fewer problems with pool cover inspections.


  • Hydraulic and Electric cover deliver equal power, and is customizable to Virtually all pool configurations What before was a limitation is now the norm.


  • Built in clutches gently stop the pool cover if it meets an obstruction, instead of breaking a mechanical shear pin linkage that will need replacement before operation of the pool cover.


  • A Cover-Pools ® Save-T® automatic pool cover is the best way to safeguard friends and family and protect your investment. This ensures that your swimming pool will remain the source of fun and enjoyment. If you already have a pool, or if you’re planning to build one, remember: a pool without a pool cover is like a house without a roof. We’re offering you a full range of safety and convenient features that were originally designed for Commercial applications.

Limit Switches

  • Elegant in its simplicity, the end of travel of the pool cover at each end of the pool is controlled by limiting the amperage to the motor.


  • The SAVE T pool cover system comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the mechanism, and a five year warranty on the fabric. For additional warranty information on your Automatic pool cover, visit the Cover Pools. For further warranty offerings by SSG, read more about our full warranty program, the best package on the market.


Our Mesh and Solid winter safety covers stay secure with anchors that sit flush with your pool deck. The cover fabric is made from a mesh material which allows snow and rain to drain right through. Therefore, eliminating an unsafe, swampy mess from a solid winter cover.


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