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Sun Shelves: A Brighter Way to Cool Off

Pool professionals are taking notice, sun shelf demand is at an all-time high. Also known as tanning benches, this design feature offers a shallow platform either on the side or entry way of a pool. The hot new trend provides homeowners with the ability to relax and refresh in a convenient pool side area. Once a rarity, this preference is now a widely desirable addition. “We have undoubtedly seen an increase in sun shelf popularity this year,” noticed Darian Calverley, SSG’s Residential CAD Designer. The influx in demand is not surprising, as pool builders are always seeking a way to differentiate their design.

What Makes Sun Shelves So Special?

The true beauty of sun shelves is the high level of customization. The pool’s owner is able to determine distinctions such as the depth of the water and what furniture they wish to incorporate. Often times, these areas include a few comfortable chairs and a centered table to enjoy food and beverage.

Another key element is placement. People who prefer undisturbed leisure may elect for a sun shelf extended off of the deep end. However, folks who enjoy entering the pool from their relaxing stay on the tanning bench would most likely prefer some form of integration with the steps in the shallow end. Either way, this feature allows occupants to watch children in the pool or interact with guests from afar.

Most often, the plaster and tile associated with the pool are typically replicated onto the sun shelf for consistency. A noticeable structural difference, the floor of the shelf is much thicker than the base of the full pool. Like other exciting pool design features, homeowners enjoy the wide variety of these choices. “People like diversity and being able to use the pool as they see fit,” remarks Jeffrey Scimone, SSG’s Commercial Project Designer. Drilling down to the most specific decisions, pool owners even have their choice of chair and table colorways.

SSG’s Mindset

With over 40 years of experience, SSG was quick to identify the increasing demand of sun shelves. Earlier this year, we had our design and sales teams attend an extensive training session on our building capabilities and regulations surrounding sun shelves. Even with our mix of designers, supervisors and architects, SSG has acknowledged the increasing complexity of customer expectations. “The public image and exposure to sun shelves is greater now than it has ever been before,” noted Scimone. Always eager for a challenge, our innovative designers have researched advanced applications for the new feature. Our past experience allows us to construct a built-in chair on the floor of the sun shelf with tile to match the surrounding walls of the pool. “Much like other aspects of gunite pools, the depth and variety of a sun shelf is almost infinite” explained Scimone.

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