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What to Expect When Buying a Pool

Having a pool built is an exciting event that also requires homeowner education. The following information is intended to help homeowners understand the process and responsibilities associated with building a pool.

The options for each aspect of pool design have become increasingly robust in recent years. Beginning with the layout, pools can incorporate spas, sun shelves, waterfalls and other creative ideas. Regardless of the homeowner’s desires in this stage, most pools follow a similar format once building is ready to get underway.  

Our coordinators have pooled (pun intended) their experience managing hundreds of new pools together to create a helpful guide for those who are considering or have recently purchased a new pool. The following breakdowns include what awareness and expectations that homeowners should have prior to the construction of their new pool.

what to expect when buying a pool


In order for construction to begin taking place, there are two permits required. First, a building permit application will be submitted by the SSG representative that designed the pool. Second, the pool’s electrician will apply for an electrical work permit. Electrical coverage can be included in any new pool contract. If the homeowner hires their own electrician, we will provide them with the proper rudiments for pool electrical work.  Once both are approved, a permit card will be located onsite inside a job box that SSG provides. The homeowner is not responsible for any part of the permit phase.

Before the job begins, each project is assigned a job supervisor and a job coordinator to help you throughout the construction. A supervisor makes routine visits to the project site and ensures high quality. A coordinator manages homeowner communications and schedules our crews to perform work.


Excavation is the first step in pool construction and requires homeowner involvement. On the first day of excavation, the homeowner will have to meet our crew and their designer to go over elevations and layout. Access for our large machines will need to be provided. Construction will begin by removing truckloads of dirt. If you or any of your neighbors could use this material for filling purposes, please let us know. Otherwise, we will remove the loads. Once excavation is finished, it is very important to communicate whether or not your home has power outside.


Ultimately, it is the homeowner’s decision on where in their backyard they determine the location best fit to house the pump and filter (equipment). Having chosen this preference prior to the excavation can speed the next phase, plumbing. After the plumbing is complete, we will schedule the steel-tying stage. A building and electrical inspection are then required prior to gunite. The gunite phase is when the pool truly takes shape, displaying its shell.


On the day of gunite, we require clear access for our large trucks equipment. We will also need access to running water. After the pool is gunited, the homeowner is responsible for spraying the pool with water twice per day for one week. This is called the cure process. After the curing process, the pool’s forms will get stripped and we can start working on the tile and decking phases.


If you are having a natural gas or propane heater, you must contact a plumber as SSG is not responsible for scheduling the gas connection.


Permanent fencing with self-locking gates is required before the pool can be filled with water. Most fence companies are very busy, so it is important to schedule fence installation in advance.


After the interior finish, the pool is ready for water. Your project coordinator can help you arrange water. We highly recommend having water trucked in rather than filling the pool by a hose. Once the pool is filled with water, you are free to jump in!

Start up

Within 3 days of the interior finish, a service technician will start up your pool. At this point, we will start up the pump and filter, which will need to run 24/7 for at least one week. The pool must be brushed once a day for 2 weeks. We provide all of the instructions on how to properly brush the pool and test the PH of the water. It is Important to note, the heater will not be turned on at the start up.

As an important realization, SSG handles all aspects of pool construction, but we do not offer landscape services.

Pool care and instructions

Roughly one week after the start up we are able to schedule the pool’s instruct. In this meeting, a service technician will meet with you to show you how to run the equipment and answer all of the questions that you may have regarding your new pool. At this point, the heater is turned on.


If you did not include a safety cover/thermal cover in your contract, there is an option at this stage to purchase one. Safety covers (provided by GSP) and thermal covers (provided by SSG) can be measured and ordered after the start up. Once the cover arrives, we will contact you to schedule an installation visit.

Service and further maintenance

Fortunately, the relationship does not have to end abruptly once your pool is built. We have a sister company in our service department, Guarino’s Swimming Pool (GSP) Service, INC. This unit can assist all of your ongoing maintenance needs, including: weekly service visits, pool closing, pool openings, chemicals and more.  

Final inspection

Once the project is completed, we will coordinate a final inspection with you. In a final inspection, the inspector ensures that the fence, gates and door alarms are working properly.


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