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A Step by Step Guide Through Pool Construction

In previous articles, we have highlighted the expectations and responsibilities of homeowners in pool construction. Now, we aspire to explain the building process itself. The construction of a pool is a multi-step, unique formation of resources. At SSG, we have reinvented the pool building process by removing subcontractors and developing all in-house operations. We have been able to recruit talented individuals in each step of construction from all over the world. Although we are different in respect to the people and equipment that build pools, all pools run through a similar step by step construction journey.


We begin construction by removing truckloads of dirt with heavy excavation equipment. The determination for whether or not the material will need transportation or will be left at the property for future phase usage occurs on a per-job basis as each pool is unique. In addition to the digging, the homeowner-chosen area for the plumbing equipment will be marked appropriately.

It is important to know, obstacles and unexpected findings such as the finding of ledges and stumps sometimes arise. In this case, an additional charge will likely be needed as these delays often require extra days of work and machinery to handle. Please review your contract for more detail. 


The installation of all necessary plumbing and equipment that keep the pool sparkling clean takes place after the excavation ceases. The installation will occur based on the designated plan specified in the excavation phase. Plumbing elements include: main drain, returns, skimmers and the floor system.


In this step, the pool begins to take formation. Long reinforcing rods bend and shape the contour of the pool. After the steel is tied together, the electrician then bonds the steel. At this time, the entire cage of the pool is visible and regarding for our concrete, called gunite.


This is commonly the “ah-ha!” moment in which your pool truly takes shape. In order for this phase to take place, homeowners provide access to running water and a clear driveway, then we take care of the rest. As this is certainly one of the most exciting phases, it is also the noisiest and dirtiest. Rest assure, our crews take the proper preventive measures to protect the homeowner’s house, shrubs and trees. After the gunite, the curing process takes place. Please see the curing process information in our homeowner responsibilities article. After curing, the deck area surrounding the pool will be ready for the grading.

Coping & Tile

After grading, coping, the curved top edging that surrounds the pool’s perimeter is installed. Then, the chosen color of ceramic/frost-proof tile is placed in a row along the very top of the pool walls. Following these installations, a gas plumber can install a natural gas heater.


Quality design and construction of your deck is important to the total swimming pool installation. The deck is typically involves two steps. The first step is forming, in which our crews create the formation of the deck with wood and stakes in the shape of the predetermined design. The second step is pouring, which involves the pouring of concrete. The length of this phase is dependent on the size of the deck.

Plaster/Interior Finish

The plaster of your choosing is then smoothed over the entire pool surface. Various colors and styles are available for selection. Once the plaster is complete, it is time to fill the pool with water. SSG highly recommends having a water company bring truckloads of water in to fill the pool. If the homeowner declines this recommendation, they may also fill the pool by hose, but either way, it is important to not stop filling the pool until it is full. Otherwise, a distinct ring will be noticeable around the pool.


Admittedly, pools are very complex and not all of the essential information is in this article. However, this piece offers a broad view of the various phases that each pool runs through in order to become a beautiful finished project. If you have further questions or are interested in exploring pool possibilities for your property, please contact us at or by calling 800 – 649 – 8080.


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