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Automation in the Pool Industry

Automation has become a major topic of improvement for businesses in every industry. Likewise, swimming pools are no different. Pool maintenance was formerly a burden for homeowners. Fortunately, a series of innovative automation tools have made owning a swimming pool easier than owning a car. Today’s technology empowers pools to be much cleanlier and comfortable than ever before.

Several elements of the modern-day swimming pool now have these automated services. Chemical testing, maintenance/cleaning, pre-programmed filtration and heating are now more convenient for homeowners than in the past. Longstanding brands such as Pentair, Polaris, ProMinent, Hayward, Maytronics, and Cover Pools have all launched products with automated features.


The highly adaptable Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 allows for quick and thorough pool cleaning. Powered by double jets, the robot is able to clean a pool in under 3 hours, removing common debris like leaves, acorns and pebbles. The removal of this debris prolongs the life of a pool’s filtration system. As a direct integration, the Polaris 280 connects to a dedicated pressure line and runs off of a separate booster pump. In fact, this product is Polaris’s most popular automatic pool cleaner.




On the commercial side of pools, such as country clubs and recreation centers, the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner incorporates sophisticated technology for an efficient pool cleaning experience. With integrated CleverClean technology, the robot’s smart software allows it to map out the most efficient cleaning route at any given point in the pool. Through its learning mechanism, the cleaner discovers the pool’s layout, senses obstacles such as a ladder, and chooses the optimal cleaning method. Built with durable tracks and scrubbing brushes, this product leaves pools spotless. Lastly, the robot can pair with a smartphone through the MyDolphinApp, so that the pool’s owner can control the cleaning path if necessary.

For a more in-depth view of the product, watch this YouTube video.


Keeping a pool’s water perfectly balanced is longer a difficult process. Pentair’s Intellichem is a water chemistry controller that uses hands-free automation to keep both pH and chlorine levels in balance. Rather than just monitoring the water and sending notifications to a pool owner’s phone, this controller also delivers chemicals when needed. Built on the most precise calculations, this innovation will minimize the cost and usage of chemicals. The system is secure, equipped with password protection to prevent tampering or accidental change. Lastly, it operates cohesively with several of Pentair’s other products such as their ScreenLogic automation system, which enables a pool owner to control the heating and lighting of the pool from their computer or phone.


ProMinent & Hayward

As for larger aquatic venues, both ProMinent and Hayward offer chemical controllers that are capable of having control from outside of the facility that the pool is housed in. Our staff has practical use in former positions such as Aquatic Directors, that recall times in which they adjusted their pool’s chemical balance from the touch of smartphone, often miles away from the pool’s location. After notification of an issue, liquid or accutabs of chlorine can then be administered.


Cover Pools

In 1962, the automatic pool cover was invented and patented. Since then, Cover Pools has been protecting families and increasing the value of homeowner’s pools with their innovative cover system. Deemed “auto covers,” these features conserve heat and increase the cleanliness of pools. For obvious safety reasons, homeowners are unable to control the opening and closing of the cover via phone. Although, with the flip of a switch, the cover can begin closing or opening.

In summary, automation is widely criticized for its impact on the labor-force. However, in the pool industry, we have found automation often saves money for our clients. It further allows our technicians to focus on the most important situations. Despite the options to monitor pools and react quickly, we still recommend having a service contract. Our technicians are available for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits. Of course, the more often that we visit, the faster that we can catch problems. Our technicians attend all visits with company trucks that have the materials to perform the most commonly found repairs. We also offer a Winter Watch” program where we periodically conduct visits to ensure proper water levels and avoid freezing/cracking issues during the harsh New England months.


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