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Lawn Expectations for Pool Construction

Photograph courtesy of Mary LeBlanc Photography.


Having a pool installed is an exciting decision that promises a lifetime of great summer memories. However, like most construction, the process of building the pool is a bit messy. A swimming pool is a major construction project, similar to having an addition put on a house. Trying to avoid damages to a yard altogether is often impossible. Nonetheless, we feel that homeowners should be aware of what to expect so that they can plan in advance and better understand the associated costs of installing a pool as it pertains to their lawn expectations.

Why So Messy?

  • Machinery: Construction requires large equipment, copious piles of dirt and heavy dump trucks going in and out of the yard as much as 30 times per day
  • Proximity: The distance of the pool area from the street can also impact the mess caused by installation
  • Timing: The season in which the pool is built and moreover, the weather that accompanies, will affect how much damage occurs in the yard

For example, please see the image below. In this project, there was a long distance between the pool area and the street. We also experienced a stretch of rainy days prior to the excavation which made matters even more difficult. On a positive note, this was fortunately a flat yard.

In situations where there is a slope to the yard, we may need to perform additional steps to access the pool area. This may include bringing in crushed stone and building a temporary road to hold the weight of the trucks, which can be in excess of up to 30 tons. Please note, this is an additional cost, but it is necessary to begin the project. This example is fairly uncommon, occurring on less than 5% of our projects.

While our team members at SSG have received degrees in agriculture and landscaping, we do not offer these services. We are happy to make recommendations for landscaping companies in certain regions, but we do not assume any of the responsibility for restoring a yard after the pool and deck/patio area is complete.

The Role of the Landscaper

It is important for homeowners to find an experienced and trusted landscaper. This relationship is critical, as they will be the ones to make your yard beautiful again. Typical tasks for landscapers include: back-filling electrical and gas line trenches, re-grading the yard and installing plantings. Communication between your landscaper and fence installer is also needed to certify that the yard is graded properly for the fence. Most towns in New England require a fence to encase the swimming pool for safety reasons.

As we can see from this recent project, landscapers will restore the external areas of the yard. The picture on the top shows the condition in which we will leave the yard area. The picture on the bottom shows a yard after it has been re-graded and is in the process of restoration.





























We hope that this article has given you some insight on what to expect for the condition of your yard during the pool building process. If you have any questions, please contact us at or by calling 800-649-8080. Have a great day!



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