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Update Date: April 8, 2020

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While construction is technically exempt from the recent non-essential business mandate in Massachusetts, we have taken it upon ourselves to acknowledge that swimming pool construction is something that can afford to slow down and will not interfere with customer’s health and safety.

Therefore, we have given our field employees the option of going on unemployment if they would feel more comfortable staying home during these uncertain times. Most of our employees have chosen this option to remain safe.

A small group of employees that will continue to make progress on active projects. There will be no new projects started until the outbreak is contained and our staff feels comfortable returning to normal working conditions. For the employees who are continuing to work, we have imposed strict safety measures prevent further spread of the virus.

Our offices are closed to customers and only a few employees are staying on to maintain the building and accept any deliveries that were already in transit.

The best way to contact SSG to figure out how this affects you is to email us at
This email is being monitored by a few management level employees that can answer your questions and respond between normal business hours or the following day if after hours.

Update Date: March 20, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement from SSG Pools


To our valued customers, family, and friends,

These are undoubtedly unprecedented times in our society. We recognize that you have been inundated with these messages this week, but we wanted to take a moment to let you know that we too are concerned and taking the necessary precautions in this uneasy time.

Our team has been monitoring this public health emergency closely. The health and safety of our customers and staff are always our first priority. We have received and implemented multiple new suggested health protocols by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

• All our facilities are being cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

• Staff travel has been suspended.

• Staff are being told to stay home at the slightest sign of illness.

• Office staff have been given reduced hours and work from home capabilities

• Field staff and office staff have been asked to practice social distancing

• While we may be working in your back yard the crews have been instructed not to knock on your door and to contact the office if they need anything additional from you the customer. A supervisor or coordinator will contact you by phone should the field staff need anything.

What you can do to help us practice social distancing

• Ensure all exterior electrical outlets are functioning properly

• Ensure exterior water fixtures close to the construction area are functioning

• Inform our supervisors or project coordinators if the utilities that the crews will need are hidden

• Let SSG staff know if there are any requests of the crews prior to arrival to the jobsite

• If a payment is due at day of work the check may be left in the permit box that has been left on your jobsite

As of March 20th, 2020, all of our locations plan to remain open. We recognize the importance that our services have to the community we serve, especially during a time when supplies and consumer goods need to be transported quickly. This of course could change at any time depending on government mandates.

For the safety and comfort of our staff, we ask that you please refrain from visiting our locations if you do have cold-like symptoms during this time. If we can deliver something to you – please let us know!

For information on COVID-19, please visit

Thank you and be well,

Your SSG Team