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Seeking career opportunities in pool construction?  You have come to the right place.

South Shore Gunite is one of the largest swimming pool builders in the country and we are growing. SSG performs all of their own work by their own employees who are true employees of the company and not the “1099 employee” which is illegal and unfair to the employee. Compensation packages offer: health insurance, dental, has workers comp, provides 40 hours PTO in the first year, has a 401K plan with match and allows for education, certifications, and growth. SSG also pays a lot of overtime most weeks through the spring and fall will pay overtime meaning your regular wage plus another 50% of that wage.

At SSG, hard work pays off. Wages offered are better than most of the country. In addition to monetary rates, we also have plenty of demand for our employees. We employ over 100 field workers who have their dedicated tasks but if there dedicated task is slow that day there is always something to do. We are also located in Massachusetts home of the highest unemployment checks in the country. Unfortunately we are somewhat a seasonal company meaning that while a good amount of tenured and highly skilled employees work all year round some do have to get laid off for a few months but during those months you can still collect a reasonable unemployment and enjoy some time off before returning in the spring.

Our company will also help with some travel expenses if you are highly experience and interested in relocating to New England. This offer is for experienced crew leaders only.

We are currently hiring in all fields for career opportunities in pool construction including the following:

Swimming pool plumbers:

Swimming pool plumbers do not need a plumbers license as swimming pools are a closed loop and non-potable water system. This is a great option for someone who has plumbing experience from a parent or short apprenticeship and does not have the means to complete their apprenticeship and gain a plumbers license, and good pool plumbers can make close to what a license plumber makes. A general understand of PVC, pipe glue, and the ability to use basic hand tools such as tape measures, levels, and saws is required.

Swimming pool iron workers:

We are also hiring experience swimming pool steel workers. You must have some experience field fabricating steel for a swimming pool. Field fabricated means bending and cutting the bars yourself and installing them per plan.

Swimming pool plasterers:

Our in-house plaster crew which can always use another experienced person. If you have plaster experience and want to join the team or try to start building a career contact us.

Gunite and Shotcrete crew members and leaders:

South shore gunite installed both dry mix and wet mix shotcrete on various types of projects. While we install over 10,000 yards a year on swimming pools we also do a lot of work outside of swimming pools to keep you making money. If you’re looking for a career and don’t mind getting dirty contact us.

Heavy equipment operators:

We are hiring licensed and experience heavy equipment operators. Must be well versed in excavators, loaders, and skid steers and have an eye for safety. Must also be able to read a plan and follow it.

Truck drivers/ Laborers:

While SSG does not have ANY career opportunities in pool construction that are exclusively for truck drivers, we do own more than 10 vehicles that require a Class B or better license. These positions require the driver to drive trucks and move equipment but also help out with pool construction. Pay will be based on experience and willingness to help around. Driving/ laboring is roughly 50/50 which means some days will be 50/50 but other days will be all labor and other days will be all driving.