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Finishing Touches & Interior Finishes

Choosing your tile, coping, interior finish and deck surface is a lot like choosing the carpet, paint, cabinets and countertops for your home: It makes a huge difference in the overall look of your pool and yard, and we offer a HUGE number of choices, including brick, granite, bluestone, limestone, poured concrete coping, glass tile, retaining walls, veneers, custom plasters, exposed aggregates and many more.


“Coping” refers to any material that borders the perimeter of the pool. We divide it into four main categories:

  • Finished stone
  • Natural stone
  • Cast pavers or Brick
  • Poured concrete

Bluestone: Bluestone is a fine to medium grained arkosic sandstone (geologically referred to as a feldspathic sandstone classified as a sedimentary stone) comprised of mainly quartz, feldspars, micas and accessory iron, titanium, magnesium and calcium minerals. Most market grade bluestones are indurated with silica cements with lesser percentages of calcium carbonate or clay mineral cementation of sand grain particles. Rock faced edge, Pencil rounded top and bottom edge, Bull nose or Half Bull-nose.

Granite: (gray, black, blue, yellow or other colors) Rock faced edging, Pencil rounded top and bottom edge, Bull nose or Half Bull-nose.

Cantilevered Edge: (see deck samples) Straight on top and part of the pool deck, The deck runs out past the edge of the pool, then drops down to meet the top of the tile line. Technically we do not classify a cantilever edge deck as a coping.

Thermal finish: Treated with flame to create a slightly pebbled surface with medium relief. They are ideal for walkways and patios because of the uniform surface and nonskid texture.

Honed: This paver finish has a super fine, very smooth finish, though not as fine as a polished finish.

Natural Cleft: Pavers that are cleaved or separated along a natural seam, the remaining surface is referred to as a natural cleft surface. These pavers retain a very natural, non-uniform finish.


South Shore Gunite offers a wide variety of Decking options, including:

  • Exposed Aggregate concrete
  • Traditional broom finish
  • Wet-set pavers (with poured sub-decking)
  • Dry-set pavers
  • Retaining walls
  • Cabana pads
  • Equipment pads
  • Granite steps

SSG has pioneered adhesion and bonding techniques for wet set decking to insure the highest quality and durability. Our crews are trained by the manufacturers to use advanced mechanical and chemical adhesion products.

Any of our poured deck options can be added separately as only a coping or decking border.


Pool tile choices have transcended from the original blue, standard 6″ x 6″ squares to elaborate shapes, sizes and materials. Tile from all over the world give us a virtually endless palette of colors, and mosaic designs.Tile
We offer more than one hundred standard tiles, and hundreds more custom tiles to choose from.

Pool Interior Finishes & Options

PLASTER: White Plaster is included in the base price with every SSG pool. We also offer our extra-durable “pozzolan” and “polymer-enhanced” white and grey plaster finishes, which are designed to last longer than standard plaster.

PEBBLE FINISH: SSG made history by offering our exclusive pebble surface finish with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, we now also offer the new Wet Edge Technologies™ finishes.

Wet Edge Technologies™

Wet Edge Technologies™ is an innovative company specializing in providing the finest quality interior pool finishes. We currently offer five of their existing product lines including: Signature Matrix, Serenity Stone, Luna Quartz, Prism Matrix and Primera Stone

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