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Vanishing Edge Pools

The “Vanishing edge” feature (also known as Infinity Edge, Negative edge, Zero edge or Perimeter Overflow) offers the illusion that the pool or spa water is pouring over the edge of the pool into another body of water (or perhaps down a hillside).

Europeans have been building these designs for over 100 years. The first negative edge pool in the U.S. was built in the 1950s, when architect John Lautner designed ‘Silvertop’ for a private residence in Silver Lake, California.

Interestingly, the vanishing edge didn’t become popular in the United States until the early 90’s.

Vanishing edge requires exact design and workmanship standards at all stages of construction, and should not be entrusted to anyone but experienced professionals. The sizing of the catch pool and the overflow gutter, and the displacement of the surge vessel require exact engineering calculations during design, and must be constructed to exacting standards. (Fortunately, SSG specializes in the design and construction of Vanishing Edge Features.