The basics of taking care of and cleaning your pool are not as complicated as they seem. Surely there is some higher level care that only professionals can provide. For anything that you do not feel comfortable or do not wish to do yourself, please contact Guarino’s Swimming Pool Service to schedule an appointment.

There are a lot of basic maintenance steps that need to be tended to on a regular basis to keep your pool equipment operating effectively and looking its best. Cleaning your pool does not have to be difficult. We’re here to help you out with a short list of things to check on. First things first, you will need to start with some groundwork. As we run through the process, you will see exactly why maintaining a regular schedule will keep your pool sparkling throughout the season.

1. Empty the Skimmer Baskets

This is an essential step for any pool. By keeping up with removing debris that accumulates in the skimmer baskets, the pump will operate more effectively and will allow the skimmer to work properly by continually catching the debris that accumulates on the surface before sinking to the bottom of the pool.

2. Service the Automatic Pool Cleaner (Polaris or PCC 2000)

Automatic pool cleaners are great, but you still need to empty them. If you have a Polaris, remove it from the pool and empty the debris that it collects in the leaf bag. If you have a PCC 2000, clean out the leaf canister on a regular basis.

3. Net the Surface

In some areas, wind will blow in some debris that will just float on the surface of the water. Small particles such as pollen, bugs, pine needles and other small plant life may be too small for the skimmer to pick up on its own, try to remove as much floating debris as possible so that it does not fall to the bottom of the pool.

4. Scoop out Large Material

New England is infamous for its seasonal weather. The wind, rain and thunderstorms often knock branches, leaves, pool toys and even law furniture into your pool. There are two ways to remove these types of items. First, you could get into the pool and remove them. This is necessary for larger items like furniture. Otherwise, you can scoop items out using a large leaf net.  When scooping out a great deal of leaves, be patient.  While removing the “bulk” of the material, you will be stirring it up and see it floating in the pool rather than sitting at the bottom.  If you have removed as much as you can see (because the water becomes murky), stop scooping and come back to it later. You should never vacuum anything large out of your pool to avoid clogging your hose or skimmer lines. 

5. Keep Your Pool Area and Deck Clean

Try to keep the area around your pool as clean as possible. A clean area keeps any material from blowing into the pool.  It will also keep the pool area looking just as nice as the pool. Making it a little bit more inviting. After following these steps, vacuuming is the very best way to continue cleaning your pool from the bottom up. Finally, if you have a decent amount of leaves or sticks, you may want to use a leaf net.