Shotcrete is a process not a product. 

We install conventional and high performance concrete via the shotcrete method with ACI certified nozzlemen.

Warning: not every shotcrete contractor is created equal.

SSG shotcrete is a full service shotcrete contractor as a division of SSG pools.  SSG shotcrete has ACI certified nozzlemen in both wet mix and dry mix shotcrete processes and has the necessary experience to perform high quality shotcrete in any setting.  We own all of our own equipment and have multiple crews who regularly deliver high quality results.  All of our shotcrete work is considered structural concrete construction and meets and exceeds design strength and performance. End result tolerances can be within 1/8” over the span of an Olympic sized pool with the use of high tensile guide wires and pencil rod. This accuracy coupled with the offering of any style of surface finish sets shotcrete apart from conventional form-and-pour concrete.

Shotcrete Services

Commercial swimming pools

Retaining walls

General concrete repair

Soil nail walls

Shear walls

General soil stabilization


Wastewater treatment plants

Concrete tanks

Building foundations

One sided walls

Overhead concrete repair

Rubble foundation stabilization

Benefits of Shotcrete


Shotcrete can be installed horizontally, vertically or overhead in nearly any shape or contour with minimal form work.

Faster installation is possible with less forms to set and remove, often as much as 2-3 times quicker than other concrete finishes

More accurate installation 

Varied finish surface styles

Less expensive or competitive with conventional form and pour

Higher structural strengths are achieved as a byproduct of the pneumatic application. Standard in-house shotcrete mixes routinely reach 6000 PSI. The incorporation of chemical additives can yield strengths as high as 12,000 PSI.


SERVING Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, maine and Vermont

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