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Gunite and Shotcrete Construction

South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas, Inc. also does gunite and shotcrete construction projects such as seismic retrofits, soil stabilization, masonry wall reinforcement, fieldstone wall reinforcement, and any other type of application that can use vertical or overhead gunite. Gunite can be used for many projects other than swimming pools and is very effective. When an existing surface needs more strength just add gunite. With gunite or shotcrete on an existing surface little to no formwork is required unlike conventional concrete.

The big advantage to shotcrete or gunite over conventional concrete is time and materials.. Shotcrete and gunite require little to no forms at all where regular concrete requires extensive form work. Forms add multiple trips to the job before and after the concrete is installed. With the use of gunite once the damaged structure is prepared and cleaned, the same way it would be for regular concrete, the gunite process can begin. Once the gunite process is done the repair is complete. Forms a lot of the time end up becoming trash when they are stripped, less forms mean less trash and a greener construction. Shotcrete has the potential to score significant LEED points due to the lack of forming materials necessary to complete many jobs.

Shotcrete construction comes in two forms wet mix which looks like typical concrete and dry mix also known as gunite that is mixed dry and uses air power to shoot the material down the hose to the nozzle where the water is added immediately before it hits its final surface. Shotcrete wet and dry can be applied to walls and ceilings and stay in place without the use of form work. The only difference between conventional concrete and shotcrete construction is the application. Both materials can easily achieve well above 4000 PSI compression strength. Dry mix gunite can easily exceed 6000 PSI with the proper mix.

ACI Certified Nozzlemen

Gunite is only as good as the people installing it. The installation process of gunite is very complex and takes a lot of experience with the proper technique to nozzle the material correctly. South Shore Gunite employs several ACI certified nozzlemen. This certification is obtained by being field tested ensure proper nozzle technique and classroom tested to ensure that the nozzlemen knows why they are doing things a certain way. Additionally 500 hours of experience is a pre-requisite of beginning the certification class. If the person nozzling your job is not certified how do you know if the job you are getting is what it is supposed to be?

Seismic Retrofit/ Masonry wall reinforcement

When completely renovating a very old masonry building the building must be brought up to new building codes which have more strict seismic requirements than when the buildings were first built. South Shore Gunite can come into an existing building and line the entire interior of the building with a layer of rebar and shotcrete or gunite. This will bring the old building up to new seismic code and will take less than a month for most projects. This will allow the exterior of the building to still keep that old brick look while adding safety and an easy working surface on the inside.

Soil stabilization: Have a slope that is making you nervous? Cover it in gunite and it won’t go anywhere.

Please contact us if you have a job in need of professional shotcrete construction. Our experts can help you save time and money.