What is Gunite?

Gunite is the same thing as concrete. It is basically identical material to the concrete in a house foundation or a concrete floor. The only real difference is the application process. Gunite is applied using compressed air to force the material down a hose. That material is then shot into place, instead of being poured, like your foundation. The high velocity of this application allows the gunite stick to whatever structure it is shot against. The characteristics of gunite make it the perfect way to build an inground pool. Gunite allows for very versatile shapes and designs without the use of extensive form work.

However, the complexity of the application makes it more difficult to get a good finish result. For this reason, not all gunite pool builders are created equal. As a result, every builder applying gunite should have a certification from the American Shotcrete Association. That stamp of approval demonstrates that they have undergone the correct training and know how to apply this product.

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Do Gunite Pools Crack?

If gunite pools are built properly, they should not crack. Improper gunite application and/or incorrect steel structure assembly cause gunite pools to crack. The only situation where gunite pools crack is when the structure is not built properly or the gunite is not applied properly. SSG has had their basic pool structure professionally engineered. When an abnormal structure comes along, SSG has that individual job approved by a licensed structural engineer. Our gunite applicators are professionally trained and certified to know the correct application of gunite. We also uses a 4:1 aggregate to cement mix which is much higher than most of the industry to ensure that we get a good strong installation. SSG’s experience building the largest gunite pools in New England, including YMCA’s and large universities has prepared us to solve any challenge. If large establishments trust an SSG gunite pool, why wouldn’t you?

What is Gunite Made of?

Gunite is made of a simple mix – water, cement and sand. The combination of water and sand help the cement be administered by the spraying hose application.

Are gunite pools worth it?

Yes, a gunite pool purchase is one of the best backyard investments you can make. Gunite pools, unlike fiberglass and vinyl liner, are not only great for swimming, but they’re also strong investments. If you choose a pool builder with a strong warranty on their work, your home value can increase from 5-15% by building a gunite pool.

Common FAQs on Gunite Pools